Anfibio Dastra, my sample, signs of use.

30 giugno 2018

Here above I share some pics of my Dastra boots after a ride. This sample is formally the same we sell on the section "Accessori" (this is the direct link : ) but differ from those for the thickness of leather, this is more thick, is about 2,2 millimeters plus leather internal lining so is about 3,5 mm total. Very very similar to the Dastra Five buckles boots construction.

Same natural tanned leather, but differ from the Anfibio we sell  for the different tip. The rest is the same.

The leather we use for the Anfibio we sell is the same but thinner, so more comfortable for the all day, is about 2mm total.

In reality also this sample is comfortable after some use but the first times you wear this heavy leather you could't wear them for more than 2 hours and with heavy socks :)

All of this to tell you that I test and wear all my products, for me it was never a question of fashion or sales as for someone, is a passion and everyday I try to do all the best to improve and offer you the best and durable products.

We use only natural tanned leather certified, tanned in Italy responsibly using only vegetable tannins instead of chromium. This has a greater cost due to the long processing, but we firmly believe that the health of our planet and the benefit of your feet deserve this and more.

And last but not least the beauty of this special and ancient leather tannery technique during the time...

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